Do you know your website’s domain plays key role in website’s SEO ?

  • March 4, 2023
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Do you know your website's domain plays key role in website's SEO ?

Do you know your website’s domain plays key role in website’s SEO ?


Your Domain Name is key to your business success !

Yes, you heard it right. while we put a lot of efforts to optimize our onsite and on page seo we often forget that a key part of overall business website success is primarily dependent on the foundation of website through its domain name and extension it holds. lets learn about more in detail.

  1. Domain name

Domain name of a particular website needs to have two proportions ingredients to perform well online globally. those ingredients will be be as follows.

  • Business name

Your domain needs to have your business or objective or the purpose name of its creation. for example if you are creating this website for some social cause it needs to present the same through its first proportion either you can put a organization name or objective here.

  • Keyword or Main Objective

Your domains second and most important half part needs to be supporting or exact business or activity keyword that your whole website is made for. lets say if this is a shop or shopping website or fashion site those relevant activity keywords needs to be here.

after careful observations made for both of the proportions of the websites domain. we can also consider it to be shorter as possible without any spelling mistakes or wrong pronunciations to avoid some high tech search result presence. as well as completely avoid to use hyphen or number or space or signs within domain name to make it more human understanding and easy to remember. your domain needs to have a top level extension for global presence. but if you are only targeting your audience for home country you can opt to have your home country top level domain ending. eg for india it will be .in which will maximize the chances of this websites overall performance in search traffic from the area.

Domain age

Do you know your websites domain age is your true reputation online ?

Yes, domain name registrations are the records which are a most important signalling for preferred domain search presence across many other similar websites. more aged and old domain containing website tends to rank better then newly launched sites. over the time domain links to other good websites create a authority towards websites contents and presence authorities. if you are linking your domain with several good websites it will be a big push for your websites better search rankings. avoid linking your site to spam or low quality content sites. there will be negative ranking penalties


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