100+ Marketing Tools for Nearly Any Marketing Task

  • November 13, 2017
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100+ Marketing Tools for Nearly Any Marketing Task

Searching for marketing tools? Here is a list of digital marketing tools which you will find every useful, popular and widely-used tool in your marketing processes further.
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Analytics tools
If you don’t have analytics tools, you will never know how your visitors are reaching your website or engaging with the website. These tools help you to attain insight into problematic areas that are not useful in generating ROI, so that you can strengthen the marketing strategy on cold, hard data without guessing.

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Here are a few analytics tools you must come across with
1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is Google’s comprehensive analytics arena that must be used by all websites as its performance is high.
2. KISSMetrics
This tool allows checking the behavioral nature of your customers or visitors.
3. MixPanel
MixPanel allows you to know more about your visitors. It is the best tool for increasing conversions and for product development.
4. HotJar
This tools show how your visitors are perusing your website with heatmaps.

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Competitive Research tools
Implement the similar tactics on your site as your competitors do. Use competitive research tools to know the content which has more social shares, backlinks, the terms they bid on in Adwords and keywords they rank for.
Check some of the best competitive research tools
5. SimilarWeb
Analyzes engagement statistics and traffic for your website
6. Ahrefs (site explorer)
This tools allows you to see your competitor’s popular content, who’s linking to competitors and many more.
7. SEMRush
This is quite similar to Ahrefs, but still has many tools and features
Here you can find 30 Days Free Trial for SEMRush
8. SpyFu
It has unique features and is quite similar to Ahrefs and SEMrush.
Link Prospecting Tools
Building backlinks requires more prospects and a way to carefully screen those prospects.
Here are some Link Prospecting tools which will be useful.
9. Google Results Extractor
You will get a good list of the Google search results.
10. LinkClump
This can be used to screen prospects by opening bunch of links
11. Check My Links
Check for broken links from your browser on any web page.
12. NoFollow
Check for links that has no SEO value on any web page
13. SEERS SEO Toolbox
This tool adds useful formulas to Google sheets that are SEO focused.
14. URL Profiler
It fetches data from Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and other sources.
Backlink Research Tools
One of the most important ranking factors is links and the only way to find out links to particular content is by using backlink research tool.
Here are best backlink research tools:
15. Ahrefs (site explorer)
Backlinks pointing to any URL or domain can be checked out and also filters, shows anchor text etc.
16. Majestic
It has useful metrics like CitationFlow and TrustFlow and it is the competitor to Ahrefs.
17. Open Site Explorer
This is created by Moz and has the smallest index of the three.
Keyword Research/Discovery tools
If you publish an article without keywords, it will be a great loss. Keyword research is a two-step process including discovery and research.
To find the best keywords, use these tools:
18. Ahrefs (Keyword Explorer)
It gives many keyword research ideas and accurate search volume. It also has great filtering options.
19. SEMRush
Use this and get more information for any keyword.
20. Long Tail Pro
Get keyword volume, finds out competitiveness of the keyword and grabs in metrics from Majestic.
21. KeywordTool.io
It changes your seed keyword with variations and also gives thousands of similar keywords.
22. AnswerThePublic.com
From the seed keyword, it gives questions the users are really searching for.
On-page SEO/Crawl tools
On-page SEO tools finds errors and fix them. This can be manually done when the website is less than 5 pages. But when the website is large, the issues will also be big. Dividing into HTML to fix the issues will be time-consuming.
Here are some crawl tools:
23. Screaming Frog
This is apt for finding on-site issues like broken links.
24. DeepCrawl
This is one of the best industry-leading web crawlers.
25. Yoast SEO
You can easily edit on-page meta data like description, title etc without sifting through the code.
26. OnPage.org
It finds out technical errors and provides a detailed report based on that.
27. Beam Us Up
This is a powerful application for crawling which is 100% free.
28. Xenu Link Sleuth
It is used to find broken links.
Rank Tracking tools
Track the information and know your rank for target keywords. You can likewise provide report to your client every month based on this.
Here is some of the rank tracking tools used in the marketing.
29. Pro rank Tracker
This tool support both mobile and local rank tracking. It tracks upto 50,000 keywords and you will receive a daily report too.
30. STAT
Unlike Pro rank Tracker, it tracks unlimited keywords with daily tracking.
31. SERPWoo
It tracks mobile and local rank tracking upto 4000 keywords. You can also get top 100 positions for any search engine query.
32. AWR Cloud
Generate white ranking reports and daily rankings for mobile, desktop and local searches.
33. Accuranker
It gets updated with latest ranks within seconds. It integrates with Google Analytics and tracks social metrics.
Content Research Tools
Every single day, there are millions of blogs being posted online. If you can promote the blogs in the right way, you will get amazing results from it.  But most of the bloggers are not aware about the type of the content they work for. So if you want your target audience to notice about your content, it is very important to do research through content research tools.
Before you write a blog, these tools allow you to check industry insights about your concerned topic.
Here are some tools for your research
34. Buzzsumo
Most shared content on social media can be found out.
35. Ahrefs (content explorer)
Choose your desired niche and check for maximum shares, traffic and backlinks. It gives your filtered contents by languages and dates too.
36. Reddit
This tool shows tried and tested ideas for your topic of blog.
Email discovery/Verification Tools
Even now, many marketers search for the email addresses manually. They spend long hours to find it. Here the use of email discovery tools comes into role. Get email addresses within seconds and all you need is to enter their name and website.
Check the most popular 5 tools in this category
37. Clearout

Clearout Email Finder and Email Verification tool works towards discovering leads, Validating your email database, lowering hard bounces, and improving deliverability rates. It has been created to improve sales and marketing efforts by simplifying the way to discover and reach the ideal prospects via emails.
can it’s possible or not ?
38. Hunter.io
This was known as EmailHunter.co before. This tool is used for email lookup and to verify email addresses. It has API access, clean UI, and a chrome extension
39. Voila Norbert
Voila Norbert is often touted as a more accurate alternative to Hunter.io, but without the domain search feature.
40. FindThat.Email
It has chrome extension but no API access and it give an accuracy rate of 85% on email addresses it finds.
41. MialTester.com
It works to analyze and verify email address existence by server pinging.
42. Guesser.email
Like the name suggests, it guesses someone’s email address from their website or name.
Email marketing tools
With the email marketing tools, you can now easily get granular with campaign monitoring, segment quickly and easily and develop auto-responder sequences with smart action.
Some of the best tools for email marketing are:
42. EasySendy
Easysendy is the most satisfactory option for marketers to send marketing emails and drive better results.
43. MailChimp
It has easy integration with third-party apps and thus email marketing is made quite simple through this.
44. ConvertKit
This is quite useful for bloggers for conversion-oriented email marketing.
45. InfusionSoft
It incorporates CRM and focuses on smart automation
46. GetResponse
This is one of the easiest email marketing platforms in the word with automation offers.
47. Mailify
is an SMS and email marketing software which helps you to automate and optimize your marketing activities. It is one of the most intuitive and professional email marketing app for digital marketing strategies that exist in the market. With the intelligent functionalities such as Smart Templates, Predictive sending, Heatmap, interval sending or intelligent contact management you are one step closer to reaching your marketing goals.

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Outreach Tools
Do you want to promote content? Then use outreach tools. If you do it manually, it may take several hours. These tools are simpler and quicker. Main features include email open tracking, auto-follow ups and also mail merge abilities. It can also find out relevant prospects.
Here are some tools for outreaching
48. Buzzstream
It has a CRM to track sent emails and it finds relevant prospects and send outreach emails.
49. Pitchbox
It focuses on automation and scaling
50. ContentMarketer.io
It has many templates and lets you track outreach emails using Gmail.
51. JustReachOut.io
This tool helps you to get journalists quickly.
52. NinjaOutreach
This is one of the best tools for outreach management.
Local SEO tools
These tools can be quite useful if you do local SEO, reviews, citation building and reputation management. This can be extremely boring. With the tools, you can perform tasks like finding local citations and local rank tracking.
Here are a few local SEO tools:
53. BrightLocal
It can offer many tools including online review monitoring and citation auditing. It also fetches and puts local SEO data into single dashboard.
54. WhiteSpark
This provides three main tools like local rank tracker, reputation builder and local citation builder.
55. Moz Local
This ensures that your local business listings are correct.
56. FreeReviewMonitoring.com
It helps you monitor business reviews on major review sites on a daily basis.
Mobile Analytics tools
You create a mobile app but you are not sure how people are using it. There you fail!! Mobile analytics tools help you dig more into optimizing app for user experience or recognize where mobile users are deviating from your apps. This shows what your users are clicking and what features are they using.
Check some tools for your perusal:
57. Apsalar
It focuses on ROI. It also analyze on Ad spend and supports with remarketing.
58. LeanPlum
This is one of the best tools to increase ROI by driving app engagement.
59. App Annie
This is used for marketing data intelligence and app analytics.
Online Mention Tracking tools
Using online mention tracking tools, you can promote future content to those mentioned in the past, reclaim links mentioning you but not linking to your website etc.
Here are some tools for online mention tracking
60. Google Alerts
This is free and helps you monitor keyword online
61. Ahrefs (alerts)
This monitor alerts for any search query
62. Mention
It helps to recognize the influencers and to react immediately.
63. TalkWalker
This tool gives you idea about brand mentions and tells if it is positive or negative.
64. Social Mention
This is quite useful in real-time keyword monitoring and analysis.
Social Media Marketing tools
For every business to be successful, they need social media marketing regardless of the size. Social media marketing tools help to streamline every process and even automate entire process.
Here are some tools to bring out the success
65. Buffer
This tool allows you to make a queue for posts and publish to many platforms in single place.
66. CoSchedule
It helps to create good content marketing editorial calendar.
67. HootSuite
You can manage all social platforms from single place.
68. Follower Wonk
Using this tool, you can recognize twitter followers and also find out influencers.
69. Lumen 5
Lumen5 is a social video marketing tool which is one of the best tools to make videos.
Landing page tools
Landing pages are meant to convert visitors of the site into leads. A best landing page can convert 20-40% of the visitors into leads. But when you promote new products, you need new landing page every time.
Here the landing page tools come into role where it offers pre-designed and easily editable landing page sets.
Here are a few landing page tools:
70. LeadPages
This tool can integrate with many email marketing platforms.
71. ClickFunnels
Build landing pages you require and you can easily map out the whole funnel.
72. UnBounce
It has over 200 templates to build landing pages
73. Instapage
This tools helps you create, publish and test landing pages.

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A/B Testing Tools
Rather than making a change and looking forward to happen the best, A/B testing creates two page versions where first version won’t have any change and the second which is similar to first will have one change.
These two are tested against each other and you can choose the best performer as the winner.
Check the A/B testing tools here:
74. VWO
Based on different type of visitor, VWO targets and personalize the content and quickly run A/B tests on the site.
75. Optimizely
Similar to VWO in optimizing and personalizing web content and in running A/B tests.
76. Convert.com
It has seamless Google Analytics integration and enterprise level A/B testing.
Marketing Automation tools
These tools make use of smart technology and API in order to connect to unrelated tools to each other.
Here are a few best tools for marketing automation
This tool helps to connect with various services with “If [THIS] then [THAT]” formula.
78. Zapier
It helps you to automate every task between apps which are unrelated with “zaps”. There are quite a few Zapier alternatives also, which helps in automation. 
79. Marketo
This tool develops, automates and measures marketing campaigns across various different channels.
80. Center.io
Depending on the actions your leads perform, these tools automate tasks.
81. Hubspot Marketing
This is one of the best platforms as an all-in-one marketing automation.
Webinar Tools
They are actually powerful lead generation tools.
Here are some webinar tools for marketing purposes:
82. WebinarJam
It increases webinar revenue and is the latest version of Google hangouts.
83. GoToWebinar
This tool allows you to host and record webinars and much more.
84. ClickWebinar
ClickWebinar allows making learn your prospects with webinars that are branded.
85. WebinarNinja
You can create a webinar smaller than 10 seconds.
Lead Capture Tools
Lead capture tools are used to convert visitors of the site into business leads. Most of these tools have user-friendly UI to execute lead generation tactics within no time.
Here are a few lead capture tools 
86. SumoMe
This is a bundle of lead generation tools.
87. OptinMonster
OptinMonster create, test and analyze lead generation forms.
88. Thrive Leads
It easily add opt-ins and content upgrades to WordPress site.
With our constant research to bring out the best tools to our readers, we have come across with some more lead capturing tools like Lead Pages, Lead Generation Cards etc.
89. LeadQuizzes
LeadQuizzes is an online quiz maker tool, which helps you collect & analyze your leads so that you can make smarter marketing decisions to grow your business further.
This tool is the most practical way to increase your leads and learn about your audience and the best part is that using this tool requires no technical skills.
90. Opinion Stage 
Opinion Stage is a platform used by marketers, publishers, businesses, and educators worldwide to create trivia quizzes, polls & surveys that are visual, interactive, and super engaging.
PPC Management Tools
These are used to simplify management processes and to analyze campaign performance and give suggestions for improvements.
Here are some of the tools for PPC Management
91. WordStream
This tool helps you to build, manage and optimize PPC campaigns easily.
92. AdEspresso
It incorporates A/B testing and analytics and optimization tools for ads on Facebook.
93. Optmyzr
It allows managing and optimizing PPC campaigns that include bid, keywords and ad optimization.
CRM Tools
Customer Relationship Management tools fetch your information onto one management application that is robust. You will be allowed to keep track of each interaction and sale in single place.
Here are some best tools:
94. Salesforce
One of the best and powerful CRM tools.
95. Hubspot CRM
Completely free for million contacts.
96. Close.io
This is apt for sales individuals.
97. Pipedrive
This is accurate for small businesses.
Customer Communication Tools
These tools automate the communication process with the customers.
Some of the great tools are:
98. Intercom
This tool engages with the customers and solves their problems real-time.
99. LiveChat
This is live free messaging tool for your business.
100. Customer.io
Based on the engagement of visitors, this tool helps to automate your customer communication.
Miscellaneous Tools
Some of the tools are listed here which prove to be best for marketing processes but don’t fit in anyone of the above categories.
101. Google Tag Assistant
This is an extension of Google chrome for troubleshooting different tags in Tag Manager.
102. DownNotifier.com
This gives you an alert when the website is down.
103. BuiltWith
BuiltWith allows to find with what platform your website if built with.
104. Microdata Generator
This is a structure data generator for your all purpose
105. JetPack (WordPress)
This gives you added security, quickens image loading for WordPress websites.
106. WebCodeTools.com
Used for generating web code.
The above 101 tools list is what we consider the best. If you know any other good tools, feel free to comment.
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